Problem Solving

Problem-solving Resources

Problem-Solving Toolkit
The Ingham ISD Problem-Solving Toolkit includes many strategies for helping students become better problem-solvers.

Srategies students can use for math text & problems.pdf
A bookmark to copy and distribute to students to remind them of effective problem-solving strategies.

Multistep problem solving heuristic and strategies.docx
This heuristic is a common problem-solving approach written in a clear step by step fashion, to be used taught to the entire class and then practiced and used as needed.

Six traits of mathematics problem solving with rubric.doc
Six important aspects of problem solving with a scoring rubric.

IES Practice Guide: Improving Mathematical Problem Solving in Grades 4-8 (link to pdf)
This Practice Guide contains four research-based recommendations for use and teaching of problem solving in classrooms.

Authentic Problems

Authentic problems are ones that are based in situations (applied problems, contextual problems, etc.)

CGI Problem sets.doc These are useful for developing fluency and problem-solving ability in K-3.
Authentic Problems for 4th Grade.docx
Authentic problems for 6th grade.docx
the structure of multiplication problems.doc Many different types of multiplication problems are shown here. They vary by the context.
The structure of division problems.doc Two types of division problems and four types of remainder problems are shown here.